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Rupali Joshi



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I am a licensed Architect in India where, prior to moving to the other side of the globe in 2006, I co-founded and operated a  design studio in Mumbai. After a successful stint as an entrepreneur in India, I continued to develop my creative venture in the US as well. Work experience at Spokane based architectural firms- Bernardo Wills Architects and Sam Rodell Architects, led me to form Cue2design in 2015 that propped both, my professional and personal growth.


Professional insight, combined with the unique experience of growing up in India and now settled in the United States, strongly shapes the way I see architecture and interior design as a discipline- that is beautiful in its comprehensiveness. I carry a strong passion for a responsible design and believe in a rational approach that would guide design through a creative process. Turning a space into something that speaks to its user is essential.